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Houston June 2001 Allison Flood Photos

Last updated July 2, 2001

In June 2001, Tropical Storm Allison stalled over southeast Texas and dumped massive quantities of rain on the Houston area. Some areas received over 30 inches of rain over a 2-3 day period. The result: one of the greatest flood events in Houston history.

Some of the most impressive images were of the depressed (trenched) freeways around Houston. Since Houston is just about as flat as a billiard table, water must be pumped out of the depressed freeways. There was no hope of keeping Houston’s depressed freeways dry in June 2001.

These photos were all taken from the Houston Chronicle web site, except as noted. Many of the photos were submitted by individuals to the Houston Chronicle.

IH-45/IH-10 Downtown

IH-45 North of Downtown

Photo credited to Michael Masciopinto

Photo credited to Linda Lawson

IH-10 West of Downtown

Photo from the Time Magazine web site, credited to Associated Press.

Photo credited to Robert Cowart

An asphalt section of IH-10 did not survive the flood. Emergency re-paving was performed.

US 59 Southwest Freeway, Southwest of Downtown

Photo credited to Dave Rossman. This is the trench from Hazard to Mandell, currently under construction.

Photos credited to Robert Cowart. This is the trench from Hazard to Mandell, currently under construction. The contractor, Williams Brothers, reportedly suffered heavy equipment loss.

Photo contributed by Don Seributra. Another view of the flooded trench.

Photo credited Jonathan Miller. This is the US59/TX288 merge just south of IH-45.

288 South Freeway

The South Freeway has historically been one of Houston’s most flood-prone freeways. It has a very low crossing over Brays Bayou, and water would backup into the freeway trench and flood the trench. Anti-backup gates were installed years ago, but they can’t help when Brays Bayou is actually overflowing the freeway.

Photo credited to Jonathan Miller. This view looks north from IH-610.

IH-610 East Loop

The receding water on the East Loop revealed a big mess of vehicles.

Memorial Drive West of Downtown

Photo credited to Nile Copeland.

Photo contributed by Don Seributra. This photo shows Buffalo Bayou back within its banks just west of downtown Houston.