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El Paso

Metro Population (2000) 679,000
Texas Rank 5
US Rank 64
Average annual precipitation 8.8 inches
22.3 cm
Average elevation 3762 feet
1147 m

Photo Gallery
Interstate 10, downtown and east – This includes the downtown trench and a view of the future stack at 375.
Interstate 10 west – West of downtown, IH-10 passes through some mountainous terrain
US 54, the Patriot Freeway – Just north of IH-10, this is a very wide and impressive freeway.
IH-10/US 54 stack – This is El Paso’s only stack, until the IH-10/375 stack is built.
Loop 375 Border Highway – This freeway runs right next to the Rio Grande.
Loop 375 North east, Americas Avenue – Two sections will be upgraded to freeway status to complete this section, starting in 2003
Loop 375 Trans Mountain – One of Texas’s most impressive high elevation roadways.
Paisano/Border Road – This road offers views of the shantytowns in Juarez, Mexico

Historic Photos
Historic photos(updated 15-July-2001) Historic photos and Texas Highways articles from the El Paso area.

1963 Freeway Planning Map
El Paso sustained only one major freeway cancellation. The Trowbridge-Montana freeway (US 62/180) leading east out of downtown was cancelled. The trans-mountain section of Loop 375 is currently not planned to be a freeway, but all the rest of 375 is or will be a freeway. A 1999 study recommended the completion of the western Border Freeway and even extended it further west than the 1963 plan.
1963 medium resolution, annotated with comments (314 kB)
1963 high resolution, not annotated (665 kB)

Old Road Maps
1961 Enco roadmap
1966 high resolution (296k) and 1966 medium resolution (158k) Enco roadmap
There is a very interesting feature in these maps. Notice that near downtown El Paso, there is a section of Mexico that protrudes into the United States. This border section had been in dispute for over 100 years and was finally settled by the Chamizal Convention of August 29, 1963. The land on the Mexican side became Chamizal Park. On the US side, the a section of the Loop 375 Border Highway and the 375/110 interchange are on what was previously Mexican territory.