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FM 470 and 1050

Created and last updated April 30, 2001

Although these two roadways are distinctly numbered, they form an east-west crossing through this region. Both roadways traverse rocky hills and valleys with pasture and oak.

Photos taken April 28, 2001

FM 470-1050
Along Farm Road 470.

FM 470-1050
(click for medium resolution 93k, high resolution 209k) A typical view with some yellow wildflower growth.

FM 470-1050

FM 470-1050
(click for medium resolution 70k)

FM 470-1050
(click for medium resolution 74k) Along Farm Road 1050

FM 470-1050

FM 470-1050

FM 470-1050
The view of the Frio River from Farm Road 1050. The river is very wide and shallow at this section, and obviously it can easily handle floods in its wide banks. There was a surprisingly good water flow when I took this photo on April 28, 2001.

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