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Park Road 4

Created and last updated April 17, 2001

Park Road 4 is a short roadway that was built during the depression to provide access to Longhorn Caverns State Park, also a depression-era project.

Park Road 4
(click for medium resolution 134k) Park Road 4 traverses classic hill country landscape, with live oak, scrub oak, brush, and pasture.

Park Road 4
(click for medium resolution 165k) A nice bluebonnet patch

Park Road 4
(click for medium resolution 199k) The entrance to Longhorn Caverns state park.

Park Road 4
(click for medium resolution 100k, high resolution 305k) An Austin couple with ties to the real estate industry constructed this castle replica along Park Road 4, and named it Falkenstein Castle.

Park Road 4
(click for medium resolution 70k, high resolution 236k) A roadside turn-out provides a great view of the Colorado River Valley below.

Park Road 4
(click for medium resolution 89k) Near its northern terminus, Park Road 1 provides a view of Inks Lake on the Colorado River.

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