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Rural Interstates, Highways, and Roads in the Panhandle Region

Of course, the big freeways are in the big cities. But any true road enthusiast also likes to take a look at the rural roads and the surrounding landscape. I'll slowly add photos to this section
The Panhandle Region includes the following counties:
Andrews Floyd Moore
Archer Foard Motley
Armstrong Gaines Nolan
Bailey Garza Ochiltree
Baylor Glasscock Oldham
Bordon Gray Palo Pinto
Briscoe Hale Parmer
Brown Hall Potter
Callahan Hansford Randall
Carson Hardeman Roberts
Castro Hartley Runnels
Childress Haskell Scurry
Collingsworth Hemphill Shakelford
Clay Hockley Sherman
Cochram Howard Stephens
Coke Hutchinson Sterling
Coleman Jack Stonewall
Concho Jones Swisher
Cottle Kent Taylor
Crosby King Terry
Dallam Knox Throckmorton
Dawson Lamp Tom Green
Deaf Smith Lipscomp Wheeler
Dickens Lubbock Wichita
Donley Lynn Wilbarger
Eastland Martin Yoakum
Fisher Mitchell Young

Features of the Panhandle Plains Region

Topography and
Major Cities / Rainfall / Elevation
Common & Rare
Common & Rare

Size: 81,500 sq mi.

Av. Rainfall: 15-28 in./yr

Gently rolling to rough and dissected. The High Plains region, together with the Rolling Plains, comprise the southern end of the Great Plains of the central United States. Soils vary from coarse sands along outwash terraces adjacent to streams, to tight clays and shales. Soil reaction is neutral to slightly alkaline. Caliche generally underlies these surface soils at depths of two to five feet.

Abilene--24.4 in / 1,738 ft

Amarillo--19.56 in / 3,676 ft

Borger--20.34 in / 3,116 ft

Boys Ranch--21.56 in / 3,176 ft

Clarendon--21.95 in / 2,727 ft

Lamesa--18.56 in / 2,975 ft

Lubbock--18.65 in / 3,241 ft

Memphis--20.53 in / 2,067 ft

Muleshoe--15.37 in / 3,889 ft

Odessa--14.66 in / 2,891 ft

Paducah--18.05 in / 1,886 ft

Perryton--29.36 in / 2,942 ft

Post--20.86 in / 2,590 ft

Quanah--24.53 in / 1,568 ft

Seminole--17.52 in / 3,312 ft

Shamrock--26.08 in / 2,310 ft

Wichita Falls--24.83 in / 946 ft

Plains cottonwood
Honey mesquite
Bur oak
Peach-leaf willow
Western soapberry
Mtn. mahogany
Prairie crabapple
Eastern red cedar
Silver agarita
Fragrant sumac
Prickly-pear cactus
Sideoats gramma
Coral honeysuckle
Teddy-bear cholla

Rare Plants and Habitat
Texas poppy-mallow

Pronghorn antelope
Swift fox
Prairie dog
  ground squirrel
Plains hognose snake

Swainson's hawk
Great horned owl
Burrowing owl
Interior least tern
Snowy plover
Pinyon mouse
Mule deer
Western diamondback rattlesnake

Rare Animals and Habitat
Black-footed ferret

Palo Duro mouse

Texas kangaroo rat

Concho water snake

"Features" information from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

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