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Historic Photos of the San Antonio Area

Thanks to the TexasHighwayMan (of the San Antonio Freeway Page ) for assistance in indentifying several of these photos.

Interstate 37 (added 10-March-2001)
Source: TxDOT archive library
October 25, 1966 Aerial view of IH-37/IH-10 interchange looking north (314 kB)
October 25, 1966 Construction of the IH-37/IH-10 interchange (199 kB)
May 19, 1971 Aerial view of Commerce Street Overpass (257 kB)
May 19, 1971 Construction of the Durango Street overpass with Hemisfair Tower in Background (77 kB)
May 19, 1971 Construction of the IH-37/IH-35 interchange (90 kB)
June 1971 Texas Highways Magazine "Where the Freeways Meet" Page 1 (293K) Page 2 (397K) (added 31-May-2001)
This article is about the construction of the multi-level interchange at IH-37 and IH-35 north of downtown San Antonio.

Interstate 10 (added 10-March-2001)
Source: TxDOT archive library
1955 Looking westbound at Frio Street (173 kB)
This is where the I-10 double-deck starts today, just west of downtown.
July 30, 1962 Bus stop on IH-10 freeway (118 kB)
This is at Cincinnati Street, northwest of downtown San Antonio. At the time, the roadway was designated as US87. Today, this section of freeway is double-decked. A texasfreeway.com reader reports that the bus stops were removed during the double deck construction in the early 1990's, but had not been used many years prior to the removal.
July 30, 1962 Bus stop on IH-10 freeway (101 kB)
This is on the other side of the Cincinnati Street overpass shown in the above photo.
Undated (circa 1960) Expressway view (106 kB)
This photo is identified as "San Antonio Expressway". It is on I-10 NW of downtown. The overpass is Woodlawn Ave, and just beyond that is Fredericksburg Road. This photo was taken sometime in the 1950s when the roadway was US 87. The freeway ended there at Fredericksburg Road, and in the background, you can see where it curves to the left to merge onto Fredericksburg. This was the first section of freeway in San Antonio.
1966 Construction in northwest San Antonio (146 kB)
This is at DeZavala Road looking north. The side-street on the right about midway up the picture is De Zavala Rd, which is about 4 miles north of IH-410 and 2 miles south of Loop 1604.
June 8, 1966 Construction of the IH-10/IH35/US90 stack, southwest downtown (154 kB)
August 1968 Guardrail installation, northwest of downtown (206 kB)
This section of freeway was previously completed. This view looks north from Cincinnati Street.

Interstate 35 (added 18-March-2001)
Source: TxDOT archive library
Undated (circa 1950's) 15 miles northeast of downtown (138 kB)
This is just outside loop 1604, looking north toward the town of Selma. The present-day Retama Racetrack is located in the large field to the left. Notice the at-grade crossing. The highway was not at interstate standards at the time.
Undated (circa 1950's) At Randolph Cutoff road, far northeast San Antonio (118 kB)
Today this intersecting roadway is known as Pat Booker Road. The freeway appears to be blocked off in the distance, suggesting that construction was still in progress.
Undated (circa 1968) At northeast corner of Loop IH-410 (263 kB)
This photo looks east-northeast along IH-410, with IH-35 in the background going from left to right across the photograph. IH-410 was not yet a freeway, as the at-grade crossover indicates. A 1990's aerial photo of this area shows that all the structures on the right side of the photo (the town of Fratt) are gone.

Loop 410 (added 31-May-2001)
Source: TxDOT archive library
November 1963 Texas Highways Magazine "Loop Around San Antonio" (377K)
This article is about the opening ceremony for the 2.5 mile-long segment between McCullough and Nacogdoches. The article reports that as of November 1963, 31.1 miles of the 51.6 mile-long loop are complete, with an additional 11.5 miles under construction.

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