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Historic US 90 - Toomey to East Orange, Louisiana - US 90S

Also see Historic US90N and Historic US90 Burned Out Bridge

This section of Old US90 lies between IH10 and the mile long Burned Out Bridge leading to old East Orange. The roadway is still in active use as a public road leading to a handful of residences and to a public boat ramp at the end of the road. For history about the area see the page about East Orange.
Topographical map and satellite image (1989).
(image reproduced from MapPoint® )
Photos start at the northern end at go south.
Looking southwest down the frontage road. Even though the frontage road is officially named as " Old Hwy 90", it was not part of the original highway. The original highway begins at the turn to the left.
Looking from the eastbound IH10 shoulder we can look south down the old highway.
The street signs at Old US90 and Broussard Road. Broussard Road intersects from the east at this point.
A look to the northeast at the bridge over Webb Gully. This is same wood plank construction style as the "Burned Out Bridge."

Another look from a distance
Looking to the southwest from the same location as the previous photo.
Another view of the curve.
At the end of the curve looking back to the northeast.
Looking to the northeast farther down the road to the southwest.
Looking southwest at the same location as the previous photo.
At the end of the roadway is a public ramp. At this point US90 changed to a wood plank bridge. See the "Burned Out Bridge" page for more information.
This is your view if you look to the left at the boat ramp.
This is your view if you look to the right at the boat ramp. There is a channel following the roadway just beyond the trees on the left. This channel leads all the way to the Sabine River.

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