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Historic US 90 - Toomey, Louisiana US 90N

Also see Historic US90 - LA3112 and Historic US90S

This section of Old US90 lies between IH10 and Louisiana State Highway 3112 in Toomey. Originally US90 came from the south, made the gradual turn indicated in the images below and continued to the northeast. After the completion of the IH10 bridge over the Sabine River in 1960, and as part of the diversion of traffic a temporary set of connection lanes was constructed. The 2 lane section of LA3112 from LA109 to LA3112's transition to a divided 4 lane is the original US90 alignment. The northern half of US90's curve was removed in favor of the connection lanes.
Topographical map (1989).
(image reproduced from MapPoint® )
  Satellite image (1989)
(image reproduced from MapPoint® )
Photos start at the northern end at go south.
Looking southeast in the middle of the intersection of LA3112 and Old US90N.
Looking south down the curve towards IH10.
Looking northeast from the same location as the photo above at the intersection of LA3112 and Old US90N.
Continuing south on Old US90N we can see a tin shed built on the old roadway.
Looking south at the shed and the end of the northern section. Just on the other side of the shed is IH10.
Another look at the shed.
Looking north from the eastbound shoulder of IH10 we see the back of the shed at the end of Old US90N. A little of the roadway can be seen between the shed and the truck.
One more look at the shed from the southern section of Old US90. For more information about the southern section see Historic US90S.


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