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Historic US 90 - Abandoned Road to East Orange, Louisiana

Also see Historic US90 Sabine Memorial Bridge, Historic US90 - Burned Out Bridge and East Orange (Abandoned)

Essentially a man made island, this stretch of land was formed using material dredged from the canal to the north. The road was virtually cut off when the Sabine Memorial Bridge was dismantled in the 1960's and the mile long wooden bridge burned in 1973.
The west end of the road (the Sabine River end) once was home to the thriving village of East Orange, Louisiana; a night club town which provided entertainment for thriving era of World War II and the post war years.
Topographical map and satellite image (1989).
(image reproduced from MapPoint® )
Photos start at the east end and proceed west.
Looking at the east end bulk head from the bridge side.
Another look from the side.
A look at the east bulk head from the road side. The first 30 yards or so of the road has been torn up.
Debrise from the bulkhead lying nearby..
A look east at the end of the road.
For some reason the end of the road was torn up.
Some of the original barbed wire fence still stands nearby.
Looking west down the old road
Another look west, but farther down the road. Some areas get rather thick with growth.
A look back east from the same location.
A secondary road which T's in from the south. The poles carried the power to East Orange.
Some area have been almost completely reclaimed by nature.
The vegetation opens back up.
A look east at the edge of East Orange. My best guess has Buster's Club just to the left.
Almost the western end, this shot looks east down the western curve.
Standing at the western end of the road looking east.
A close up of the end of the road.
The is western edge of the old road. The cross section shows how many times the road was resurfaced.

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