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Historic US 90 - Burned Out Bridge to East Orange, Louisiana

Also see Historic US90S and Historic US90 - Abandoned

"On June 16, 1973, the famed mile-long bridge was set afire. A few of its charred pilings still are visable to sightseers winding their way down narrow Old Highway 90 to its watery Louisiana end." Williams p.171
A local rumor is that a resident, in an attempt to commit suicide, parked in the middle of the bridge and set both ends on fire.
Topographical map and satellite image (1989).
(image reproduced from MapPoint® )
Several views of area wild life.
In the middle of the photo is a wasp nest. I hear than can be very aggressive if provoked. Guess what?...I was careful not to provoke them.
Another native is the crocodile; or is it an alligator? I didn't get close enough to ask.
Several views of east end.
The second, third, and forth photos were taken on March 26, 2003 when I was passing through the area and decided to check out the possibility of exploration trip. Notice how cleaner the area is.
Looking at the boat ramp from the water.
Looking down the northern edge of the bridge remains.
A look down the "center" of the bridge. Roughly were someone traveling to Texas would be driving.

Another look down the southern edge.
Another look down the southern edge. This photo was taken on the June 28, 2003 visit. What a difference.
A look down the southern edge from the west end of the bridge. This photo was taken at the east end of the abandoned roadway.
Various views of charred bridge supports.

Various views of charred bridge decking.
Several views of area flora.

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