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IH-45 North Reconstruction Schematics

Created and last updated 1-May-2001

These schematics were taken from the TxDOT web site and are a final design

This $27.9 million widening project is the latest in a series of projects to upgrade IH-45 in the vicinity of the Woodlands, which is 30 miles north of downtown Houston. The project will be awarded in June 2001. This project will expand the freeway to 8 continuous main lanes, 6 feeder road lanes, and a wide paved center section for a future HOV lane. This project is urgently needed to relieve congestion on this section of the freeway, which currently has 4 main lanes and 4 feeder lanes. According to the TxDOT unified transportation plan, this is the northernmost section that will be upgraded to 8 main lanes. North of this section, present plans show that the freeway will be upgraded to 6 main lanes all the way to the Montgomery/Walker county line, which is about halfway between Conroe and Huntsville.

The map below summarizes the projects in progress on IH-45 north. A total of $160 million in work is currently in progress.

Location map.

These schematics start at the north end and work southward

At 336 (233K)
This shows the 8 lane freeway to the south transitioning to the 4 lane freeway to the north.
South of 336 (262K) Still in the transition zone.
Between 336 and Crighton Road (189K) Notice the 49 ft wide (14.9m) paved center section, which will accommodate a future HOV lane.
Just north of Crighton (221K) This leads into the overpass.
At Crighton (248K) The overpass.
Just south of Crighton (210K)  
South of Crighton (167K) The southern end of this project.
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