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Downtown Houston Freeways, Page 1

Last updated December 3, 2001

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I-45 downtown

I-45 downtown
A. Interstate 45 on the western side of downtown, looking south. 21-July-2001.

I-45/I-10 merge
B. The I-10/I-45 merge just north of downtown, looking north. This wide and cluttered section of freeway is difficult to photograph, but hopefully this conveys some of the scope. This facility was constructed in the early-to-mid 1960's and remained basically unchanged until the addition of the elevated HOV lanes in 2000. 8-September-2001.

I-45/I-10 merge
C. Another view of the I-10/I-45 merge just north of downtown, showing the HOV elevated structure. 8-September-2001.

I-45 downtown
D. Architectural enhancements along IH-45 on the western side of downtown. 21-July-2001.

288 downtown
E. Late evening view looking north along the South Freeway (288) towards downtown. 20-July-2001.

59 at IH-45
F. Driver's view on US 59 northbound, underneath the IH-45 interchange. 8-Sept-2001.

US 59
G. Driver's view looking southbound on US 59, north of downtown. Notice that a wide span of pavement is not in use. That pavement will be opened up when the US59/IH-10 interchange is completed. 8-September-2001.

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