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Beltway 8 / US 59 South Stack

BW8/US59 stack
Last updated November 30, 2000 (add photo) This stack was completed in 2 phases. Four direct connectors were completed around 1993. This is shown in the aerial photo to the right. The Beltway 8 main lanes and remaining 4 connectors were completed in 1998.

BW8/US59 stack
This photo, taken circa 1996, shows the partially complete stack, before Beltway 8 was constructed.

BW8/US59 stack
Looking towards the south with the NB BW8 feeders in the foreground. This ramp is unusually high for a "right-turn" ramp.

BW8/US59 stack
Looking south.

BW8/US59 stack
Looking south, from the north side of US 59.

BW8/US59 stack
Looking northeast.

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