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Beltway 8 / JFK Boulevard

Last updated June 2, 2001

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BW8/JFK stackJFK Boulevard is one of the two main routes into Bush Intercontinenetal Airport. TxDOT completed two direct connectors at the interchange in approximately 1997, making this a four level interchange. Curiously, motorists using the connector to the northbound JFK Boulevard hit a traffic light just after exiting the connector.

In order to construct the new interchange in the mid-1990's, the original two direct connector ramps, completed in 1969, were removed. The photo below shows the original two ramps.

(high resolution 166k)
Looking east along Beltway 8 at the connector ramps. Photo taken 22-May-2001.

(high resolution 166k) Image courtesy of the Houston Chronicle Archives, used by permission.
This 1969 photograph looking south along JFK Boulevard shows the the original connector ramps at JFK Boulevard. Notice that the stack order has changed in the new facility. The original ramps were removed in the mid-1990's during construction of the Beltway 8 main lanes. The removal of these ramps was prophetic: sometime between 2005 and 2010, the entire stack at IH-10 west will be demolished and rebuilt to accommodate the expanded IH-10 main lanes.

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