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US 90 in Northeast Houston - The Crosby Freeway
Views of Completed Freeway

Last updated May 28, 2001

Also see: Plans for construction of the missing segment

About 10 miles of the Crosby Freeway outside (to the east) of Beltway 8 was constructed in the 1980's. The freeway design features a wide right-of-way (approx 400 feet = 122m), a wide center median, and wide open spaces around the freeway. The design is very similar to the South Freeway. It appears that the same design standards were applied to both freeways. I don't know if the missing link of the Crosby freeway between Beltway 8 and Loop 610 will be built to the same standards on a wide right-of-way.

When I took these photos in May 2001, survey stakes were in place for what appeared to be an eastward extension of the freeway from its current terminus near Crosby. As far as I know, there is no funding in place to extend the freeway eastward. I have noticed that the survey stakes are often put in place many years before construction, probably during development of final construction plans.

Crosby Freeway location

Freeway History


The first official Houston Transportation Plan with freeways officially included, published in 1955, shows the Crosby Freeway as a "proposed addition"


The 1959 Plan for Major Thoroughfares and Freeways shows the officially adopted location of the Northeast Freeway, which is identical or very close to the actual constructed route.

Early 1970's The IH-610/IH-10 4-level interchange is constructed with provisions for connections to the future US90 freeway.
1980's About 10 miles of roadway east of Beltway 8 is upgraded to a freeway. The overpass at Beltway 8 is constructed but remains closed to traffic. (See photo.)
2002 Construction will finally begin on the freeway inside Beltway 8

Photos start at the east terminus of the freeway end and proceed westward towards Houston.

US90 US90
(high resolution 114k) This view shows the last at-grade crossing before the start of the freeway. View looks west-northwest. Photo taken 22-May-2001.

(high resolution 149k) This view looking east-northeast shows the end of the main lanes near Crosby. Photo taken 22-May-2001.

US90 US90
(high resolution 67k) Looking west over the east end of the San Jacinto River Bridge. Photo taken 22-May-2001.

US90 US90
(high resolution 67k) Looking west along the freeway near Sheldon Road. Photo taken 22-May-2001.

US90 US90
(high resolution 86k) Looking west along the freeway near Miller Road #2. Photo taken 22-May-2001.

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