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Future section of US 90, the Northeast/Crosby Freeway

Last updated 28-May-2001

Also see: Views of existing Crosby Freeway

Crosby Freeway locationThe US 90 freeway on the northeast side of Houston has been on Houston's official freeway plans since the mid 1950's. The roadway outside of Beltway 8 was upgraded to a freeway in the 1980's. However, this section of Houston remains largely undeveloped, so construction of the freeway inside Beltway 8 has not been a high priority. Well, things will start to happen soon. Contracts will be awarded starting in 2002 to build this freeway, which historically was known as the Northeast Freeway, but is now designated as the Crosby Freeway.

Freeway History


The first official Houston Transportation Plan with freeways officially included, published in 1955, shows the Crosby Freeway as a "proposed addition"


The 1959 Plan for Major Thoroughfares and Freeways shows the officially adopted location of the Northeast Freeway, which is identical or very close to the actual constructed route.

Early 1970's The IH-610/IH-10 4-level interchange is constructed with provisions for connections to the future US90 freeway.
1980's About 10 miles of roadway east of Beltway 8 is upgraded to a freeway. The overpass at Beltway 8 is constructed but remains closed to traffic. (See photo.)
2002 Construction will finally begin on the freeway inside Beltway 8

Construction Schedule
Information is from the 2001 TxDOT Unified Transportation Plan and is subject to change.

Description Award Date Status Cost, millions
Interchange at IH-10/IH-610 2002 Approved $33
0.9 mile section of freeway 2003 Approved $11.5
2.9 mile section of feeder roads 2004 Approved $7.4
3.1 mile section of freeway - Unfunded $33.8

(high resolution 141k) This view shows the stub-out for the connection to the Northwest Freeway on the existing ramp from northbound IH-610 to eastbound IH-10. Motorists have seen this stub-out for about 30 years. Photo taken 22-May-2001.

Aerial view of the interchange at the East Loop and IH-10, which was constructed in the early 1970's. If you look closely you can see the stub-outs and embankment for the future connections to the Northeast/Crosby Freeway, which will begin at this interchange. Construction on the connections to the future Northeast Freeway is scheduled to begin in 2002. This aerial view was taken around 1996.

This is the current end of the US90 freeway west of Beltway 8. This view looks west. Photo taken summer 2000.

This view shows the section of freeway that crosses Beltway 8. The traffic light in the background is the Beltway 8 feeder road. Constructed in the 1980's, it has been closed traffic and has been derelict. It will be another 5-10 years before motorists will be able to drive on this section of freeway. This view looks east. Photo taken summer 2000.

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