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Abandoned and Re-aligned Roads in the Houston Area

Created 08-May-2006, Updated 12-December-2006

As Houston growth as swallowed the old, winding country roads around the city, several road re-alignments have occurred. Many of the old roadways are still visible. But take a look at these abandoned roads while you can, because eventually they'll be lost to development.
Preston Street Underpass The Preston Street underpass was once along US75 to Harrisburg and Galveston. In favor of a newer, bigger underpass it was abandoned and filled.
Park Place Blvd &
West Road Bridges
West Road was aquired and renamed to Goodyear Drive is some distant past. There are two bridges which once connect West Road to Park Place Blvd.
Old Addicks-Fairbanks At some point in te early '80's Addicks-Fairbanks (Eldridge Parkway) was expanded and realigned leaving behind a ghost alignment.

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