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Park Place Blvd - West Rd Abandoned Bridges
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Park Place Blvd - West Rd Abandoned Bridges

Created 08-May-2006

The 2002 aerial photograph clearly shows the two bridges featured on this page. There is an old bridge at the lower left and a newer bridge in the center of the photo. Access to the bridge is cut off by a barricade at the tree line to the southwest and by a set of gates in fence of the Goodyear Plant. The older bridge features a narrow surface which is roughly 1 1/2 lanes wide by today's standards, and wooden guardrails. The newer bridge is consistant with modern construction techiques.
Park Place Blvd continues to the southwest. Old Galveston Road is just out of this view. West Road (Goodyear) is to the right

Here is a closeup aerial photo of the two abandoned bridges.

A higher look at the two bridges.

This the barricade at the southwest access to the two bridges. The older of the two bridges begins immediately after the barricade.

Standing just beyond the barricade you step back in time. Take a look at the wooden guardrails.

Standing in the middle of the older bridge you can see how narrow it is compared to today's standards. The surface is remarkably good condition. The guardrails are understandably missing pieces and in poor condition. The newer bridge is through the opening in the trees.

A quick look at the edge of the bridge where the guardrail has been removed by tree growth.

Another lok at the guardrail.

Yet another look at the guardrail. Notice the yellow paint still on the curb.

This is the east end of the bridge. Notice the settling of the pavement. There is a short stretch of pavement on a small island between the bridges.

Looking back towards the southwest.

Standing in the middle of the older bridge looking back at the barricade.

Looking over the barricade at Park Place Blvd. The truck in the distance is at the light with Old Galveston Road. Yes, that is my car in the photo, and No this is not a nice part of town.

Looking eats through the clearing at the start of newer bridge. Notice the transition of the pavement.

Not a bad looking bridge hidden from the world.

The Goodyear Plant can be seen through the trees.

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