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Westpark Tollway Pre-Grand Opening Tour Sections 113 through 116
Created 26-April-2004

See also: Sections 105-107 | Section 108 | Sections 109 - 111 | Section 112

For the purposes of clarity I have not drawn in all of the ramps, trenches, etc.
All of the photos on this page were taken on April 12th, 2004 (a misty-rainy day).

A. (High resolution 622k) Here is a look approaching the Westpark Drive exit. This is the last "exit" when traveling east.

B. (High resolution 610k) Here is a look west from the same location as photo "A". The ramp on the far right of the photo is the beginning of the westbound mainlanes (see photos below).

C. (High resolution 712k) Here we are approaching the eastbound end of the tollway, and the last toll plaza.

D. (High resolution 623k) Looking back from the same location as the photo above.

E. (High resolution 738k) Standing just east of the last toll plaza.   

F. (High resolution 970k) Just around the bend from the last photo. There is a bit more work to complete before the opening. The official end is just around the corner. Due to the amount of construction in this section; it wasn't safe to continue.   

G. (High resolution 684k) Looking back from the same location as the photo above. Here is a better look at the bracing. Due to the length and height of the walls, and Houston's wonderful "gumbo" soil bracing like this is needed for stability.   

H. A closer looking at the bracing. 

I. (High resolution 692k) Looking up the Westpark Drive exit ramp. 

J. (High resolution 824k) A look south at the Westpark Drive exit toll plaza. 

K. (High resolution 815k) The end of the Westpark Drive exit ramp.

L. (High resolution 672k) This ramp is the westbound start of the tollway. You enter directly from Westpark Drive.

M. (High resolution 867k) A look back east from the entrance ramp. The raised structure in the background is the eastbound lanes.  

N. (High resolution 664k) One more look at the ramp, this time from the eastbound mainlanes. 

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