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Westpark Tollway Pre-Grand Opening Tour Sections 109 through 111
Created 26-April-2004

See also: Sections 105-107 | Section 108 | Section 112 | Sections 113 - 116

For the purposes of clarity I have not drawn in all of the ramps, trenches, etc.
All of the photos on this page were taken on April 12th, 2004 (a misty-rainy day).

A. (High resolution 968k) Looking south at Briarpark Drive from the eastbound tollway mainlanes.

B. (High resolution 776k) This building is typical of the storm water pump houses. This one is for the Briarpark Drive underpass. Unfortunately the contractor for the pump house not on-site. I was hoping to get photos of the inside, and information about the equipment.

C. (High resolution 772k) Looking east at the Gessner Road Exit. The merge lane is also for the entrance from Beltway 8 (see photo "X" on Section 108.

D. (High resolution 759k) This is look west at the eastbound entrance ramp from Gessner Road to the westbound tollway.

E. (High resolution 804k) Another view of the eastbound Gessner Road entrance ramp, but looking east. In the distance is the overpass and exit for Fondren Road.

F. (High resolution 756k) Here is a closer view of the eastbound Fondren Road exit.

G. (High resolution 792k) Here we are looking at the eastbound Fondren Road entrance. Unlike all of the entrances to the west of this location, here you can enter directly from Westpark Drive. This photo was shot from the westbound exit ramp. The crash barrier can be seen on the left side of the photo.

H. (High resolution 761k) This is the westbound exit for Fondren Road. Get the construction back out here, we have a drainage problem at the end of the ramp.

I. (High resolution 708k) Here is another look at the exit ramp, but facing west. The signal in the distance is Frondren Road. The problem I foresee with this exit is its proximity to Fondren Road. The traffic congestion in this area will be compounded by people trying to get to the right lane for a right turn on Fondren Road. The communications building for this location can be seen on the left side of the photo.

J. (High resolution 882k) The communications building for this area toll equipment.

K. A trailer load of signs waiting placement.

L. (High resolution 642k) Here is a look east at the roadway before eastbound Fondren Road entrance.

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