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Westpark Tollway Pre-Grand Opening Tour Sections 105 through 107
Created 26-April-2004

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All of the photos on this page were taken on April 12th, 2004 (a misty-rainy day). The photos start approximately half-way between Dair Ashford Road and Old Westheimer Road go east.

A. (High resolution 723k) Looking west from just west of the Old Westheimer Road overpass. In the distance is the Dairy Ashford Road overpass. This will be the temporary end of the tollway. All westbound traffic will travel across the eastbound lanes to a temporary exit (see next photo). The opening date for the next section has not yet been set.

B. (High resolution 771k) In this photo you can see the temporary exit for the westbound traffic. Eastbound traffic will enter at the permanent Old Westheimer Road entrance (see photo "E" below).

C. (High resolution 668k) A look east at where the westbound traffic will exit..

D. Traffic information sign telling motorists of a future road closure. A future exit ramp was schedule to have its beams placed this weekend.

E. (High resolution 764k) Here you looking west down the Old Westheimer Road eastbound entrance ramp. This will be the first place where eastbound traffic can enter the tollway until the next phase of construction is complete.

F. (High resolution 722k) This photo was shot in the same location as photo "E". Only this one is looking east in the direction of traffic.

G. (High resolution 599k) Here we are looking at the east side of the Old Westheimer Road overpass. The picture is from the eastbound inside shoulder.

H. (High resolution 639k) This picture was taken a few feet from the photo above; but is looking east in the eastbound main lanes. The Wilcrest Drive overpass is in the distance. It was very empowering to stand in the middle of a freeway, and not worry about getting hit.

I. (High resolution 724k) A look at the eastbound tollplaza near Wilcrest Drive. The construction crew is working on closing a "gap" in the divider wall. Several gaps were left during the construction so vehicles could cross from one side to the other.

J. (High resolution 822k) A better look at the eastbound tollplaza near Wilcrest Drive. The overpass to the left of the photo is for Wilcrest Drive.

K. This is the communications building for the tollplaza. Every tollplaza has a communications building just like this one. To the background to the right the Metro Park and Ride at Rogerdale Road.

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