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Westpark Tollway Construction, 10-March-2004
Created 25-March-2004

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On May 1st, 2004 the Westpark Tollway will open from IH-610 to about a mile east of State Highway 6. As you can see in the photos below most of this section is complete. The main construction areas are the entrance and exit ramps at SH 6, the ramps to and from Beltway 8 and intersection at US 59. This series of photos starts near SH 6 and continues to near US 59 .

(High resolution 5150k) Looking west from near State Highway 6. This area is going through site preperation; grading, storm drains, etc. In the back ground is the Eldridge overpass.

(High resolution 456k)
Getting closer to Eldridge overpass.

(High resolution 550k) The Eldridge overpass still needs a little work.

(High resolution 506k) Approaching the Synott overpass from the west you can see the temporary exit ramp for west bound traffic.

(High resolution 487k)
Here is a look at the extrance ramp.

(High resolution 636k) These apartments are at the Synott intersection. How would you like a freeway out your front window?.

(High resolution 462k) The Dairy Ashford overpass. Note the truck on the overpass. It is one of many waiting for beam placed on the entrance ramp above.

A beam waiting for placement.

(High resolution 460k) The Old Westheimer overpass. Notice the entrance ramp

(High resolution 362k) Looking west at where Boone road once crossed this area.

(High resolution 462k) Looking back at where the previous photo was shot. Notice the "toll plaza" in the center of the picture.

(High resolution 480k) A closer look at the "toll plaza".

(High resolution 441k) Looking east from the "toll plaza".

(High resolution 447k) Looking at east bound entrance ramp from Beltway 8. The ramp has two feeder ramps that come up from below grade.

(High resolution 661k)
This is the underpass at Briarpark. It is only below grade underpass for a minor street.  

(High resolution 556k) A wider angle look at the Briarpark underpass.

(High resolution 508k)
A distant view of the Gessner exit sign.

(High resolution 459k)
A drivers view of the tollway from Westpark..

(High resolution 520k)
The exit sign for Fonden.

(High resolution 494k)
Approaching the Dunvale intersection. Above left is the west bound exit ramp to Fondren. Above right is the west bound main lanes.

(High resolution 476k)
Sitting at the Dunvale light.

(High resolution 424k)
Approaching the intersection at Hillcroft.

(High resolution 502k)
These are located just before the Hillcroft overpass.

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