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Interstate 10, Downtown El Paso and East El Paso

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Through downtown El Paso, IH-10 is depressed in a trench. This section of freeway was the last to open in El Paso in 1969, completing the freeway through El Paso. East of downtown to US 54, IH-10 is a 10-lane freeway. West of US 54, IH-10 has 8 lanes. Lanes are dropped proceeding eastward, with the freeway down to 4 lanes by the Loop 375 interchange.

A 1961 road map shows IH-10 east open east of Paisano. A 1966 map shows the freeway complete east of downtown. So, the freeway was originally constructed in the late 1950's and early 1960's. The downtown section was opened in 1969. The stack at US 54 began construction in May 1970, so was probably completed in 1973.

As of July 2001, two Major Investment Studies for the corridor are in progress. IH-10/Americas interchange study is defining the details of the future stack to be built at the Loop 375 intersection. The IH-10 east corridor study will provide a recommendation on future improvements to the freeway.

El Paso IH-10 West

Photos start at downtown proceed eastward

IH-10 downtown El Paso
(high resolution 188k) A. This view looks eastward in the downtown freeway trench. Notice that the overpasses and trench sidewalls are brightly colored. See an April 1969 construction photograph of this section of freeway. Photo taken 31-May-2001.

IH-10 downtown El Paso
(high resolution 172k) B. This looks eastward from an overpass at the east end of the downtown trench. Photo taken 31-May-2001.

IH-10 downtown El Paso
(high resolution 142k) C. Driver's view looking east on the the 10 lane freeway between downtown and US 54. Photo taken 31-May-2001.

IH-10 east at US 54 stack
(high resolution 174k)
D. Driver's view going eastbound, approaching the US 54 stack interchange. Photo taken 31-May-2001.

IH-10 east at Raynold
(high resolution 148k) E. Looking east from the Raynolds Street overpass, which is just east of US 54. Photo taken 31-May-2001.

IH-10 east near Trowbridge
(high resolution 178k) F. Looking east near Trowbridge. Photo taken 31-May-2001.

IH-10 east at Lee Trevino
(high resolution 135k) G. Looking east from the Lee Trevino overpass. The freeway has dropped to 6 lanes at this point. Photo taken 31-May-2001.

IH-10/Loop 375 El Paso
H. Aerial view of the existing interchange at IH-10 and Loop 375. A stack will be built here, probably in the 2005-2010 time frame. Aerial view is taken from the IH-10/Americas interchange web site.

IH-10/Loop 375 east El Paso     IH-10/Loop 375 east El Paso
From the IH-10/Americas interchange offical web site, these photos show the existing freeway and the planned stack at the Loop 375 interchange.

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