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Historic Photos of the El Paso Area

Created and last updated 15-July-2001

Interstate 10
Source: TxDOT archive library, Texas Highways Magazine
Undated (1950's?) 20 miles east of El Paso (204 kB)
This tree-lined 2-lane roadway was US 80, the predecessor to IH-10. The trees and irrigated agriculture along the roadway have the look of California's central valley.
Undated 1950's US 80/US 80A split (54 kB)
This is on the east or west side of El Paso at the 80/80A split point. Notice the 1950's era sign.
June 1958 Construction at the Texas/New Mexico state line (153 kB)
June 1958 Overpass construction (125 kB)
April 1969 Construction in downtown El Paso (173 kB)
April 1969 Nearing completion in downtown El Paso (112 kB)
June 1969 Texas Highways Magazine "Key Link in El Paso" Page 1 (433K)
This article is about the completion of IH-10 in downtown El Paso in the summer of 1969. The article features the two April 1969 photos above.
June 1970 Texas Highways Magazine "Plans are Ridiculus, but this is ridiculus" Page 1 (285K)
This article is about the beginning of construction of the stack at IH-10 and US 54 in May 1970.

Loop 375 Trans-Mountain Highway
Source: TxDOT archive library, Texas Highways Magazine
May 1967 Blasting for Loop 375 right-of-way clearance (88 kB)
May 1967 Excavation for Loop 375 (100 kB)
December 1969 Texas Highways Magazine "El Paso's High Road" Page 1 (440K) 2 (408K)
This article is about the opening of the Trans Mountain Highway on August 5, 1969. The distinction as the "largest excavation project ever undertaken by the Highway Department" almost surely still stands today.

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