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Last updated September 2000

I-20 is a top-quality freeway facility that traverses the southern edge of the DFW urbanized area. Completed in 1976, it remains semi-rural today, probably because south Dallas is the low-income area of Dallas, and sprawl has not advanced as quickly in south Dallas as it has in north Dallas.

I-20 has a minimum of 8 freeway lanes for its full length. Every few miles, a new stack appears on the horizon at each freeway intersection. The stacks are all 4-level and most were constructed in the 1970's in the period around the freeway completion (1976). The first stacks at IH-30 and US80 opened in 1970.

I-20 and I-635 form a partial loop around Dallas. Since I-635 is really integral with I-20, it is included in this photo gallery. I-20 location map

I-20 typical
This is a typical section of I-20. The freeway has 8 lanes for its entire length. Most of the freeway does not have feeder roads, although the feeder roads are slowly being added and I expect the full length to have continous feeder roads at some point in the future. The freeway corridor width is about 400 feet. There is not very much development along the freeway, and it retains a semi-rural feel to it. Traffic is heavy, but it always moves fast.

The only bad thing about I-20/I-635 is the "cookie-cutter" stacks. OK, this is a very minor complaint. I'm convinced that several of the stacks were constructed from the same blueprints. Even if there there are differences, the basic design of the stacks is generally the same for many of the stacks. The most likely stack "twins" are the interchanges at I-635/I-30 and I-635/US80.

All photos taken September 2000

635 stack
The stack at I-635 and I-30, looking northeast. This is a good example of the basic design used in all stacks constructed in DFW up the late 1990's, including nearly all the stacks on I-20/I-635. All the ramps converge over a single point at the center of the interchange. A single pier with two "T" beams supports all the ramps. This stack was completed in 1970. For construction photos, see the historic DFW photos.

The stack at I-635 and I-30, looking north with I-635 on the ground level.

635 stack
The stack at I-635 and US80, looking northeast. Compare this to the I-635/I-30 stack! This stack was constructed at the same time as the I-635/I-30 stack and was completed in 1970. For construction photos, see the historic DFW photos.

The stack at I-635 and US80, looking north with I-635 on the ground level.

Darkness hit before I could photograph this interchange, but it is nearly identical to the I-635/I-30 and I-635/US80.


Another cookie cutter stack.

20-35E stack
This view looks west with I-20 eastbound lanes in the foreground. I-35E is at the lowest level and is not visible in this photo.

20-35E stack

This is the last cookie cutter stack.

20-67 stack
This view looks southeast with I-20 at the ground level.

20-67 stack


20-408 stack
This is only a half-stack, since 408 terminates at I-20. This view looks east with the I-20 eastbound lanes in the foreground.

20-408 stack
This aerial view shows the unusual split in I-20 just west of the 408 interchange.
I think this is the only occurance of such a wide separation between the two directions of traffic in Texas, and surely the only separation in an urban area.


20-360 stack
This view looks north with the 360 lanes at ground level. Notice how this stack does not use the cookie-cutter "T" center pier. This stack must be newer than the others, as it appears not to have come from the same design shop.

20-360 stack


20-287 stack
Nothing too exciting at this interchange. This view looks east.

Unfortunately I do not have photos of this stack, which is actually the most interesting due to its non-symmetric design.

20-35w stack

I-20/121 Southwest Parkway Tollway
This is the only new stack planned for I-20. It will be unusually large, with 10 connector ramps.

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