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Images From Around the Metroplex

Last updated September 2000

All photos taken September 2000

I-30     I-30 location
The reconstruction of I-30 east of I-635 was completed in 2000. The freeway is now an 8 lane facility.

I-635 I-635 location
The western segment of I-635 near DFW airport is built on an extremely wide right-of-way. I estimate the right-of-way width to be about 500 feet.

114     114 location
The 114 freeway near DFW airport.

114     114 location
The 114 freeway near the Las Colinas office development. There are only 4 main lanes on this section of freeway. As of September 2000, a study is underway to determine how much future capacity is needed.

30/820 30/820 location
The interchange of I-30 and I-820 on the east side of Fort Worth. I'm not sure exactly when this interchange was constructed, but it appears to be relatively new. (I would guess completion around 1990.)

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