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Dallas North Tollway
Interim Coverage

Last updated 10-December-2001

The Dallas North tollway is unique in the DFW Metroplex because it is built on an extremely narrow right-of-way. Between downtown and IH-635 LBJ Freeway, the corridor is about 100 feet wide. From IH-635 to 190/Bush Turnpike, the corridor is about 200 feet wide, but this section also includes feeder roads so the corridor is fully maxed out. The newer section north of 190/Bush Turnpike has a more reasonable corridor width of about 300 feet. However, this is still substantially more narrow that the 400-foot-wide corridor that is standard for new freeways in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Dallas North Tollway has six main lanes for its entire length. The facility has feeder roads north of IH-635. There are plans to extend the tollway northward from its current terminus at 121. Eventually, the tollway will reach all the way to 380.

Eventually I will get a more comprehensive set of photos of the North Dallas Tollway. I decided to put these interim photos online until I can provide full coverage.

Dallas North Tollway Map

DNT at IH-635
Looking south along the Dallas North Tollway from above the intersection with IH-635. 1998 photo.

DNT near Loop 12
Driver's view looking north just south of Loop 12. Notice the narrow corridor of the tollway. This section of the Dallas North Tollway was opened in 1968. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

DNT near Loop 12
Driver's view going north at the Loop 12 exit. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

DNT near Forest Lane
Driver's view going north, south of Forest Lane. Between downtown and IH-635, the Dallas North Tollway goes underneath most intersecting roads. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

DNT at 635
Driver's view at the Interstate 635 interchange. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

DNT near Spring Valley
Driver's view going north near Spring Valley. Between IH-635 and 190/GBT, the Dallas North Tollway is built on the alignment of what was previous the Dallas North Parkway. The corridor width is about 180-200, just barely wide enough to hold the 6-lane tollway and feeder roads. There is a tremendous amount of commercial development along this section of the tollway. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

DNT near 190/GBT
Driver's view going north approaching the 190/George Bush Turnpike. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

DNT at 190/GBT
4-level stack at 190/GBT Photo taken 19-August-2001.

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