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170 Freeway, Far North Fort Worth

Last updated 27-August-2001

170 location170 signThe present 170 facility, consisting of two 3-lane feeder roads, is about 7 miles (11km) long, connecting 114 to IH-35W. In the long run, it will form part of the wide outer loop of the Dallas/Fort Worth region. (See the 2025 mobility map.) Local officials from this area recently asked the Texas Transportation Commission for funding to extend the feeder roads westward to 81/287.

Feeder roads were constructed between 114 and I-35W in the early 1990's on a right-of-way corridor that is a minimum of 400 feet (122m) wide. There is plenty of space for a nice, wide freeway.

Up until the late 1990's, the area around the 170 corridor was almost entirely undeveloped. As of August 2001, urbanization has begun with some office developments and the beginnings of residential development. There is no funding in place to build the main lanes. I expect main lane construction to occur around 2010-2015.   

Photos begin near the east end (at 114) and proceed westward

170(high resolution 139k) Looking east along the 170 right-of-way. The feeder roads can be seen at the sides of the photo. In the far background is 114. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

170(high resolution 184k) Looking east at the 377 intersection. Overpasses for 377 and the railroad are already in place, with the freeway right-of-way shown in the photo. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

170(high resolution 108k) Looking west, west of 377 intersection. Some of the new warehouse-style office developments in the area is visible in this photo. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

(high resolution 106k) Looking west along the right-of-way. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

170(high resolution 114k) Looking east along the right-of-way at Old Denton Road. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

IH-35W Fort Worth(high resolution 176k) The 170 exit on Interstate 35W at Alliance Airport. Interstate 35W is the current western terminus of 170. Photo taken 19-August-2001.

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