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114 Freeway

Last updated 10-June-2001

Also see Construction photos, May 2001

114 location mapThe 114 freeway crosses the northwest DFW suburbs and is in various stages of development. The freeway east of DFW airport was constructed around 1970. 114 north of DFW is part of the "funnel", where 121 and 114 come together. The funnel is under study as of June 2001 and not yet finalized, but the recommended alternative for expansion will be 10 main lanes and 4 HOT lanes (2 in each direction. A short section of freeway exists west of the funnel.

Just west of the funnel, about 3 miles of 114 are currently being upgraded to a 6-lane freeway with feeders on a 400 foot right-of-way. An additional $36.5 million in contracts will be awarded in summer 2001 to complete the freeway section from DFW airport to Kirkwood.

The Roanoke bypass opened in 2000. It includes a very short length of freeway, but is mostly feeder roads. West of Roanoke, 114 was also upgraded to a feeder road facility in 2000. As of September 2000, there is no funding in place to upgrade 114 to a full freeway from Roanoke to I35W.

Long term plans show 114 being upgraded to a freeway for about 2-3 miles west of I-35W.

All photos taken September 2000 (during severe drought), except as noted

114 freeway row
114 freeway row
Just east of I-35W, the feeder roads were opened in 2000. In the background, the Texas Motor Speedway can be seen at the intersection of I-35W and 114.

114 freeway construction
114 freeway roanoke
The Roanoke bypass opened in 2000, consisting mostly of feeders. This view shows a section of the feeder roads.

114 freeway construction
This is the short section of freeway at the eastern end of the Roanoke bypass.

114 freeway southLake
114 freeway southlake
The right-of-way for the 114 freeway just east of the Roanoke bypass is ready and waiting for the main lanes.

114 freeway construction
114 freeway construction
About 3 miles is presently being upgraded to a freeway. This view shows the new westbound main lanes nearly complete at the Dove Road overpass. For a newer photograph of this construction location, see May 2001 construction photos.

114 Southlake
(high resolution 138k) Between Dove Road and Kimball, freeway construction has not yet begun. About $36.5 million in contracts will be awarded in summer 2001. The right-of-way will be substantially widened to about 400 feet (122m). Displacements will be minimal since most of the land in the corridor is vacant. Photo taken 14-May-2001.

114 freeway construction
The existing 4 lane highway can be seen on the left. On the right, the new eastbound feeder can be seen at the edge of the right-of-way. For a newer photograph of this construction location, see May 2001 construction photos.

114 DFW

(high resolution 126k) Looking east from the Northwest Highway overpass, just north of DFW airport. In this section, 114 and 121 merge together into the "Funnel", which is the passage between DFW airport on the south and Grapevine Lake on the north. This section of freeway is currently under study for future enhancements, but will almost certainly have 10 main lanes and 4 HOV/managed lanes. Photo taken 14-May-2001.

114     114 location
The 114 freeway east DFW airport. This freeway was completed around 1970. Future improvements will add four HOT lanes.

The 114 freeway near the Las Colinas office development. There are only 4 main lanes on this section of freeway.

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