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Fort Worth Mixmaster (I-35W/I-30)

Last updated October 15, 2000

On the southeast edge of downtown, the Fort Worth Mixmaster is a massive interchange that has been under construction for about 10 years and is nearing completion. This project had its roots in the 1980's, when TxDOT had plans to expand the existing elevated freeway through downtown. After a long battle, local opposition convinced TxDOT to rebuild the freeway on a new location, just south of the existing facility. This part of downtown Fort Worth isn't particularly nice, so I never really understood why the freeway opposition fought so hard to relocate the freeway. But is seems to have been a good thing, because the freeway relocation made the massive new stack possible.

Update 15-October-2000:
The eastbound I-30 main lanes were opened to traffic! The westbound main lanes and the two connector ramps to westbound I-30 will open the week of October 16.

All photos taken September 4, 2000

Fort Worth Mixmaster
Looking east over the stack construction zone. The new freeway is nearly complete (see photo below), with the opening awaiting the completion of the interchange.

The existing elevated freeway, which was completed in 1958, will be demolished.

The heavy rail traffic on the rail lines which pass underneath the interchange added to the complexity of the construction. Fort Worth Mixmaster

High resolution map(194K)

Fort Worth Mixmaster

Fort Worth Mixmaster
The existing downtown elevated structure was completed in 1958 and has only four freeway lanes. It will be demolished when the new freeway and interchange is completed. Demolition is scheduled for Spring 2002.

Fort Worth Mixmaster
Artist's rendering of the new section of freeway and the interchange, looking northeast.

Fort Worth Mixmaster
Looking north with I35W in the foreground.

Fort Worth Mixmaster
Looking northeastward. Two ramps are complete; others in the background are under construction.

Fort Worth Mixmaster
Looking east from underneath the new I-30 lanes.

Fort Worth Mixmaster
On the southwest side of downtown, the new freeway splits from the existing freeway. On October 12, the eastbound lanes (on the right side) were opened. The westbound lanes open October 19.

Fort Worth Mixmaster
Just west of the interchange, the new freeway awaits the completion of the stack. On October 12, 2000, traffic finally starting rolling over this pavement.

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