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Historic Photos of the Corpus Christi Area

Interstate 37
Source: TxDOT archive library
February 1959 Aerial view of IH-37 terminus at US 181, looking south (Added 31-July-2001) (429 kB)
This view looks south along US 181. Interstate 37 goes from left to right across the photograph.
February 1959 Looking west along IH-37 construction zone at US 181 (Added 31-July-2001) (375 kB)
March 11, 1964 Looking east along IH-37 construction zone at Crosstown Expressway (167 kB)

Crosstown Freeway (286)
Source: TxDOT archive library
March 11, 1964 Looking north along the Crosstown Freeway towards IH-37 interchange (119 kB)

US 181
Source: TxDOT archive library
Undated 1950's US181 7 miles north of Corpus Christi (170 kB)
This view shows a typical 1950's overpass. A texasfreeway.com reader reports that it was replaced when the highway was recently widened. The retaining walls on 181 have been decorated with birds and a fishing scene.
April 1957 Construction of Harbor Bridge approach (63 kB)
February 1959 Looking north along the 181 at the IH-37 interchange downtown (265 kB)
August 1959 Texas Highways Magazine "Skyway - Corpus Christi High Bridge" Page 1 (377K) 2 (436K) 3 (422K)
This article focuses on construction of the bridge, which was opened in November 1959. Page 3 has a great photo of the old drawbridge and the new bridge. The drawbridge was demolished. Recently there has been discussion of the need to replace this bridge due to its low 140 foot clearance and high maintenance cost.
October 1963 Texas Highways Magazine "A Causeway is Christened" Page 1 (295K) 2 (249K)
The Nueces Bay bridge was opened on August 12, 1963.
1966 1966 view of Harbor Bridge (58 kB)
It looks the same today.

Lavaca Bay Causeway (Texas 35)
Source: TxDOT archive library
1958 State Highway 35 Lavaca Bay Causeway (113 kB)
November 1960 Drawbridge on the old Lavaca Bay Causeway (104 kB), with the new Lavaca Bay Causeway in the foreground.
1961 Construction of the new Lavaca Bay Causeway (97 kB)
April 1960 Texas Highways Magazine "Lavaca Bay Causeway" Page 1 (275K) 2 (288K) 3 (249K)
This article focuses on construction of the bridge and includes lots of photographs.
August 1961 Texas Highways Magazine "Texas' Longest Bridge Dedicated" Page 1 (324K) 2 (359K)

Port Aransas Causeway
Source: TxDOT archive library
1958 Port Aransas Toll Causeway (137 kB)
This view shows the original one-lane bridge, which included turn-outs to allow opposing traffic to get through.
September 1959 Texas Highways Magazine "Port Aransas Causeway" Page 1 (288K) 2 (208K)
This article gives all the details on the Port Aransas bridge, which replaced a one-lane wooden structure that was constructed in 1931.

Copano Bay Causeway (Texas 35)
Source: TxDOT archive library
1950's Copano Bay Causeway entrance (141 kB)
I love the entrance of this primitive bridge, which was built around 1930. A texasfreeway.com reader reports that "most of the old Copano Bay Causeway is still there. The center portion of it was torn down and the remainder is being used as a fishing pier."
1950's Copano Bay Causeway long view (127 kB)

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