Suggestions for submitting drawing and information

Let me say first I greatly appreciate the photos and information submitted by you the faithful visitors of These contributions are helping to make this site one of the best in cyberspace.

However; I need to set some guidelines and/or requirements for the information before you send it to me.

Please name all of the photos. The following system works best for me: HIGHWAY_WHAT_DIRECTION_DATE.jpg.
Please do not use any spaces or special characters in the file name. This can cause compatability issues on some operating systems. I know Windows lets you name it that way, but the web doesn't work that way. Please use letters (AaBbCC...), numbers (12345...), "-" and "_" only.

HIGHWAY: What highway or intersection is the photo about. For example if the photo is of the interchange of Interstate 10 and US Highway 96 then the format would be IH10atUS96. Please include the highway type designation. There has been a situation where a US Highway and a State Highway with the same numbers have crossed a Interstate Highway. Based on the description I could not determine the true location of the intersection in the photo. The following designations are preferred: IH (Interstate), US (US Highway), TX (Texas State Highway. If at a state border and the highway has the other states number, use the US Post Office abbreviation for the state.), FM (Farm-to-Market Road), RR (Ranch Road), County (County road. Please use the county's name.) or Street (Please us the full street. I.E. "Jones Road" not just "Jones".)

WHAT: What is the subject of the photo? The "EastBoundExitRamp" or the "NorthBoundFeederRoad"? This helps give a description to the readers.

DIRECTION: What direction where you facing when you took the photo? Please use the standard compass abbreviations. I.E. NE, SE, NNW, etc.

DATE: It will important in the years to come to know when the photos were taken. They may not always be used for this site.

An examples of putting this all together would be IH10_BarkerCypressExitRamp_NE_23April2004.jpg or US277atIH10_WestBoundExittoIH10_NNW_11-10-2004.jpg.

Please also include some sort of write-up description giving more details about the construction, the area, information that gives more meaning to the photos.

My time is very limited to work on I try to make the most of every minute. If receive information which will take a lot of time to do research then it will go on the back burner until I can spend the extra time (which won't be very soon).

Please contact me a if you need more information, a clarification, or are ready to submit some information.

Your help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Ron Jackson