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East-West travel in Austin: 45th Street

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Created and last updated August 6, 2001

45th street is a narrow four-lane undivided roadway for most of its length, but it does have a short section that is a modern design with four lanes and a center turn lane. In terms of east-west travel, 45th is not a principal route. This is probably because it does not connect directly to Interstate 35; drivers need to travel a short section of Airport Boulevard to get from 45th Street to Interstate 35. At its western end, 45th Street still has a stop sign.

But the days of 45th Street being a relatively quiet and sleepy corridor are numbered. Along 45th Street is the Triangle Tract, a large vacant piece of land owned by the State of Texas. After many years of controversy, neighborhood groups have finally given approval to a dense development plan for the Triangle Tract. Construction should be underway by the end of 2001. The Triangle tract just means more trouble for Austin's east-to-west corridors, and 45th Street will take the brunt of the new traffic.

45th location map

45th at Airport
A. The eastern end of 45th, just west of Airport Boulevard. Photo taken 29-July-2001.

45th at Red River
B. Driver's view at the Red River intersection. Photo taken 29-July-2001.

45th at Duval
C. Sharp curve in the roadway at Duval Street. Notice the lack of a left-turn lane. Photo taken 29-July-2001.

45th at Guadalupe
D. At Guadalupe Street, 45th Street becomes a modern facility with a center turn lane. This section of 45th crosses land belonging to the State of Texas. On the right is the large, vacant Triangle Tract, which will be heavily urbanized in the near future. Photo taken 29-July-2001.

45th at Lamar
E. After a short section of good road, 45th Street becomes narrow again at Lamar. This driver's view looks west from the traffic light at Lamar. Photo taken 29-July-2001.

45th at Shoal Creek
F. At Shoal Creek Drive, 45th has a sharp curve and a stop sign. Photo taken 29-July-2001.

45th near Mopack
G. There is strange curve in the roadway just west of Shoal Creek. This curve appears to exist to avoid a tree and is totally inappropriate for a road like 45th Street. Photo taken 29-July-2001.

45th at Shoal Creek
H. This view looks west over the Shoal Creek crossing. Photo taken 29-July-2001.

45th near Mopack
J. Just before the end of 45th Street at Loop 1, 45th has one last sharp curve. Photo taken 29-July-2001.

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