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Loop 1 (Mopac Blvd) 2001 Preliminary Schematic, for Historical Reference

Last updated 14-December-2003

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The official project web site: http://www.mopac183.com/

This is the design that stirred up the protest army at the 9-April-2001 public hearing at the Austin regional planning council meeting. The opposition was about 800 people strong and even had former Texas governor Ann Richards on their side. The study for improvements to Loop 1 was suspended in February 2002 and remains suspended as of this writing in December 2003. Austin now has a regional mobility authority, and if anything happens in the future for this project it will likely be through the mobility authority.

These schematics represent the leading design candidate as of 2001. If and when the Loop 1 study is resurrected, the plan could be similar to this design, or it could be different.

This design was an option under consideration in 2001.
As of December 2003, planning for future improvements to Loop 1 is on hold.

Downtown interchange (High res. 267K)
Downtown interchange (Med res. 134K)
Changes to the downtown interchange at 1st and 5th Streets will be minimal. Only HOV connections will be added.
Enfield intersection (Med res. 102K) This view shows the new configuration and HOV connections.
Enfield-Windsor (High res. 395K)
Enfield-Windsor (Med res. 193K)
In this section, residences on both sides of the freeway would be displaced. The design also includes interwoven entrance/exit ramps south of Windsor.
Windsor intersection (Med res. 137K) The cloverleaf connections would be removed.
Windsor-Westover (High res. 328K)
Windsor-Westover (Med res. 141K)
In this section, most displacements would occur on the west side of the existing freeway.
Westover (High res. 357K)
Westover (Med res. 154K)
The Westover interchange would be permanently closed.
Westover to 35th (High res. 253K) Most right-of-way acquisition is on the west (top) side.
35th-Camp Mabry (High res. 380K)
35th-Camp Mabry (Med res. 162K)
The design shows a major re-configuration of this interchange, including removal of the cloverleafs and a new entrance ramp to northbound Mopac that would require the demolition of a TxDOT building.
Camp Mabry (High res. 260K)
Camp Mabry (Med res. 130K)
The design shows that many Camp Mabry buildings would be affected, and the jogging trail would need to be re-routed.
Mabry-45th (High res. 350K)
Mabry-45th (Med res. 154K)
This shows the re-configuration of the 45th street intersection.
45th-Hancock (High res. 469K)
45th-Hancock (Med res. 199K)
Right-of-way acquisition is along the west side.
2222 wide view (High res. 310K)
2222 wide view (Med res. 135K)
The design shows a new entrance ramp to northbound Mopac, and shows HOV connector ramps to Balcones Road.
Steck (High res. 321K)
Steck (Med res. 141K)
There is sufficient right-of-way in this section to accommodate the extra lanes.
183 Stack (High res. 464K)
183 Stack (Med res. 202K) 
The 183 frontage roads are shown as being continued through the intersection. A new HOV connector ramp is added. Businesses are displaced south of 183 to make room for the extra lanes on Loop 1.
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