Old Road Sign Photos in the Austin Area

Last updated and created 23-March-2001

US 290 / SH 71 / Lamar Blvd in Southwest Austin
      SH71 - Loop 360
25-Nov-1964. This view looks east at the fork in the road in southwest Austin. In 1996, a major interchange was completed at this location.

US 290 West of Austin near Johnson City
30-Dec-1963. This view is along US290 about 30 miles west of Austin. Ranch Road 1 leads to the home of former President Lyndon B. Johnson.

US 81, outside Austin
October 1958. US 81 would become Interstate 35. This is most likely on the south side of Austin where Congress Avenue (Spur 275) merges with IH-35, but it could also be on the north side of Austin where Lamar Blvd (also Spur 275) merges with IH-35.

US 290 near Paige, TX (40 miles east of Austin)
May 1961. US 290 about forty miles east of Austin.

US 81 (now IH-35), San Marcos, TX (about 30 miles south of Austin)
May 1961. In 1961 there was a round-about (traffic circle) at the Intersection of US 81 (now IH-35) and highway 123. Southbound motorists saw this sign. This sign looks a lot like the signs that are standard throughout Europe.

Location Unknown, but location doesn't matter!
27-July-1967. Ah, the good old days.

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