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Abandoned and Re-aligned Roads in the Austin Area

Last updated 28-November-2001; Created 27-June-2001

As Austin's growth as swallowed the old, winding country roads around the city, several road re-alignments have occurred. Many of the old roadways are still visible. But take a look at these abandoned roads while you can, because eventually they'll be lost to development.
620 Round Rock The roadway was straightened, probabably sometime in the late 1970's. Part of the old roadway is still in use; part of it is abandoned.
620 Mansfield Dam The early 1990's construction of the new Colorado River bridge resulted in the closure of the highway on top of Mansfield Dam. The road was open for pedestrian traffic only and was a popular recreation site, but was closed after September 11, 2001. The road remains closed to the public as of 28-November-2001, but hopefully it will reopen soon. A substantial re-alignment of 620 also occurred, with an abandoned section and an "oxbow" roadway. (An oxbow roadway is a loop that is cut off when the roadway is straightened.)
2222 at City Park Road The early 1990's reconstruction of 2222 between Loop 360 and 620 left an abandoned section of roadway near City Park road. The pavement was removed, but the old roadway right-of-way is clearly visible from the existing roadway.
2244 Bee Caves Road The reconstruction and expansion of the roadway in the late 1980's left an oxbow roadway. I can only find one abandoned road section, and part of it was recently lost to urbanization.
US 290 West of Austin At a few locations west of Austin, an old, badly deteriorated roadway parallels the existing highway. This appears to be the original US290, now abandoned.
Mount Bonnell Road Visible from 2222, there are two parallel roadways that are abandoned. These two roads were probably abandoned because of poor visibility of cross traffic on 2222. The new alignment intersects 2222 at the top of a hill, whereas the abandoned roads intersected 2222 at the bottom of a small valley.
Jones Road This abandoned section, which is adjacent to the 71/290 Ben White Freeway, will probably be lost to urbanization in the near future since it is a prime location for a strip shopping mall. See it while you can!

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