Mount Bonnell Road

Created and Last updated 27-June-2001

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Mount Bonnell Road is a highly scenic road along the eastern shore of Lake Austin. Near its intersection with 2222, there is an abandoned section of roadway. A second abandoned road runs parallel to the abandoned section of 2222.

There is no obvious reason why these roadways were abandoned. The new route actually makes Mount Bonnell Road a discontinuous road. The only possible explanation I can think of is the steep grades on 2222 at this location. Maybe the intersection of old Mount Bonnell road and 2222 was dangerous and accident-prone due to the poor visibility when trying to make turning movements onto 2222.

The 1984 aerial photo suggests that the abandoned road may have been open in 1984.

Aerial view dated December 1984. The two parallel abandoned roadways are identified. The roadways may still have been in service in 1984.

Looking south along the abandoned roadway.

Looking north along the abandoned roadway. 2222 can be seen in the background.

(Click for high resolution image, 235k) Further south on the roadway (not shown on the aerial view) is this one-lane bridge. The one-lane bridge was in service until the late 1990's. Now it is for pedestrian use.

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