2244 Bee Caves Road

Created and Last updated 27-June-2001

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I'm not sure exactly when this road was reconstructed and widened, but it was probably in the late 1980's. The re-alignment of the roadway formed an oxbow road, which is still in use today and is named Addie Roy Road. I could only find one true abandoned section of road, which is adjacent to the existing road. About half of the abandoned road was recently lost to real estate development.

Click for unannotated high resolution image, 736k Aerial view dated December 1984. The major route re-alignment is indicated on the map, forming the new oxbow road.

(high resolution image, 297k) This view shows the new 2244 (on the right) and the old 2244 on the left.

These two views show the small section of abandoned roadway. The top photo is a 1996 image; the bottom photo is a 2000 image. The loss of about half of the abandoned roadway can be in the 2000 image due to construction of a new roadway.

(high resolution image, 292k) This view shows the last remaining section of abandoned roadway. The construction in the foreground destroyed about half of the abandoned section. Photo taken 26-June-2001.

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