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TexasFreeway.com was launched by native Houstonian and then-Austinite Erik Slotboom on July 17, 2000. The web site originally consisted of only a few web pages, but was greatly expanded during the next two years, with most content added in 2001. Erik's goal was to build the ultimate web site about Texas' highways and freeways, including both modern and historical content.
The strong and sustained interest in TexasFreeway.com prompted Erik to pursue his lifelong goal of writing a book about Houston's freeways. Erik began work on Houston Freeways-A Historical and Visual Journey in December 2001 and published the book on September 15, 2003. In 2003 Erik's efforts focused on the web site HoustonFreeways.com. By the end of 2003, Erik realized he could no longer adequately maintain and improve TexasFreeway.com, so on January 30, 2004, he began the process of phasing out TexasFreeway.com.
Erik Slotboom

Ron, another native Houstonian, watched Houston, as well as the rest the Texas, go though many transportation changes as he was growing up. Watching these changes created a special interest in historic freeways and old road alignments.
Inspired by Erik's work with TexasFreeway.com, Ron began collecting information to build his own web site. When Erik announced his intention to phase out TexasFreeway.com Ron stepped forward to take over the web site.
On March 12, 2004 he launched the new TexasFreeway.com. With hundreds of photos and maps of his own, and with the help of other Texas highway enthusiasts, Ron plans to make TexasFreeway.com the ultimate source of highway information outside of TxDOT.
Ron Jackson

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