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West Bank - Up from the river - page 2
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Historic US90 - Pecos River Crossing
West Bank - Up from the river, Page 2

In this sequence of photos we are traveling west on the old US90 alignment from the Pecos River. The photos starts at the current bridge and continues to where it merges with the current US90.

Page 1 has photos from the river to this location.

A look uphill from under the 1957 bridge. The picnic area and the river are to the right.

A few yards further uphill.

Continuing uphill scenic overlook #2 is at the next turn.

Approaching scenic overlook #2.

A look at the road ahead. The current US 90 is just over the hill on the left. To the left is scenic overlook #2.

Another view near the same location.

Around the next curve scenic overlook #1 can be seen in the distance

Approaching scenic overlook #1.

The view from scenic overlook #1.
Photo by Todd Schuh.

Passing the curve for scenic overlook #1 the end of the old alignment comes into view. An old gate is leaning on the wall to the right of the main gate. While trying to take a look at an old sign hanging on the old gate I disturbed a hornets' next. It is amazing how fast you can climb a fence when motivated.

The end of the old road. The black line below to top of the gate is the surface of the current US 90 roadway.

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