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West Bank - Down to the river - page 1
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Historic US90 - Pecos River Crossing
West Bank - Down to the river, Page 1

In this sequence of photos we are traveling east on US90 towards the Pecos River. The photos starts where the old alignment deviates from the current alignment and continues to where the old alignment crosses under the new river bridge.

Page 2 continues on the same path from the new bridge down to the river.

Facing east, we see the current roadway continuing towards the river. The grade change in the distance is 1957 river bridge. The current roadway is actually traveling to the southeast in this location. The old alignment can be seen as the gravel fork to the left.

Standing at the fork, again the new roadway goes off to the right. The beginning of the old road surface is now within view on the left.

Looking down the old roadway, most of which is now on private land as indicated by the gate. Several generations of markings can be seen on the old surface. The old stone wall barrier is now within view on the left. The Pecos River canyon is in the distance.

A closer look at the gate and old surface. The gentleman is my friend Todd Schuh.

Continuing past the gate and the first bend we approach the first of two "scenic overlooks" (on the left).

A better view of scenic overlook #1.

Standing in the first scenic overlook we get our first glimpse of the 1957 river bridge.

About half way between the two scenic overlooks.

Standing in the second scenic overlook we now have a good look at the 1957 bridge. Just around the bend is an old picnic area.

This photo and the next two are views from scenic overlook #2.
Photos by Todd Schuh.

A tree growing out of the edge of the old roadbed.

At the bend between between scenic overlook #2 and the picnic area.

Approaching the picnic area.

Getting closer to the picnic area and the pass under the bridge.

Looking at the area under the bridge. The area past the gate (photo on page 2) is in farf worse condition.

A look at the picnic area.

A view at the picnic table. It looks as if was built yesterday. This climate has preserved it well.
Here is panoramic view shot from the picnic area. The Quicktime plug-in is required

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