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1957 Bridge - Current Photos
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Historic US90 - Pecos River Crossing
Old Bridge Photos

Here we have photos circa 1954 to 1957 of the washed out original bridge and temporary bridge(s). See 1957 Bridge - Current Photos for photos taken in July 2004 or 1957 Bridge - Construction Photos for photos taken in 1957.
All photos are generously contributed by Mr. John Allegra of Del Rio.

One of the many temporary bridges. According to Mr. Allegra this bridge was rebuilt or replaced many times before the 1957 high bridge was built. Every time there was a rain this bridge would be damaged or destroyed. The "stone" area between the river and the road is the remnants of the original foundation here on the east side of the river.

A view from higher up the east side. Here we can see the two steel sections of the original bridge lying on the river bottom. You also get a good view of the road on the west bank.

A closer view of the western section of the original bridge. The west foundation for this section is still intact, but the mid-river support has been washed away.

A view of the Pecos River shortly after the big flood.

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