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Historic US90 - Pecos River to Comstock

Page created: 11-October 2004

In this series of photos we will travel across abandoned sections of US90 between the Pecos River and Comstock.

The image below is combination of satellite photos from Microsoft's Terraserver.


Here we are looking back towards the Pecos River (west). Just beyond the trees is the section of Old US 90 that leads down to the east bank of the Pecos River. These trees can also be seen in the last photo on the page "Pecos River: East Bank - Up from the river." This area actually has two sets of original stripping. The double-yellow indicates the path to old east bank section.

Standing in the same location, but looking east. This section follows on the south side of the current US 90.

A view looking east down the old highway.

Another view looking east. This one showing an old retaining wall.

Looking east over the rolling hills.

Looking east at the end of this section. You can see the path of the old roadway in the light area ahead. From there it makes a turn to the left towards the cut on the far left in the distance.

Standing at the cut indicated in the previous photo you can a set of cuts from the old highway. There is a significant grade change to reach the old section. Over the hill is the Seminole Canyon.

Approaching the Seminole Canyon from the west we begin to see the old river bridge. This section of roadway gets a lot of use by local ranch traffic.

Getting closer to the Seminole Canyon bridge.

Looking back west from the same location as the previous photo.

Looking east from the west end of the bridge.

Looking west from the east side.

Looking east over a small hill. The old roadway utilized a small cut in the rock and stone retaining walls (not clear in this photo); the new roadway uses a deeper cut.

A better example of old vs. new design. The light area on the far right which looks like a roadway is actually a gravel "road" used by the border patrol in this area. They ride along the fence line looking for places where illegal aliens have tried to cross. We went through several check points in the area.

A slightly different angle and a little closer.

Approaching a series of deep rock cuts.

Entering the cuts.

Traveling east through a series of deep rock cuts the old roadway can be seen on the left.

Continuing east.

Still traveling east.

Looking west at the end of the rock cuts the old roadway can be seen on the right.
A few miles to the east we approach where the new railroad alignment crosses the old roadway. The road is used for local traffic in this location and is better maintained.

A little farther east the railroad starts to come into view.

End of the road on the west side of the tracks.

Looking west from the west side of the tracks.

Looking west from the east side of the tracks.

Backing up to the east.
A little farther to the east and still looking west.

Looking west where the old road crosses the new before entering Comstock.

Looking east from the same location as the previous photo. This is busy town of Comstock (don't blink or you will miss it).

This photo shows where the old alignment merges back with the current roadway. US 90 uses the old alignment from here to Spur 406.
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