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Bridge City - Round Bunch Road Swingbridge

Created 24-April-2006.

The Round Bunch Road swingbridge is the only swingbridge left in southeast Texas which is in continuous operation. A big thanks to the Orange County Roads and Bridge Department for allowing me the time and access for the photos and video footage. The photo above is looking east with the bridge closed. You can see the operator's shelter on the left. The swidgebridge turns on the center pivot column.

Here are a couple of images to help gain an overall persective of the location of the swingbridge. Bridge City is to the west.

Here is a composite photo of the swingbridge while open. This composite photo was taken from the west bank of Cow Bayou. Click on the photo for an enlarged photo.
Video footage of the swingbridge opening. (3 min., 19MB)
Video footage of the swingbridge closing. (3 min., 19MB)

Here is a better view of the pivot column. Photo taken from the east bank.

A closer look at the pivot gear. If you look closely you can see how the rollers move on a metal rail. You can also see the drive gear in this photo. Also notice the ladder for maintence access. The photo was taken from the bulkhead on the west side.

A closer look at the operator's shelter.

Standing on the west bank bulkhead. The object on the other end is used to stabilize the bridge for traffic when closed. There is also a locking pin on the bridge when drops into the pad to keep the bridge in place.

These are the traffic gates on the east bank.

Another look at the gates with a better look at the mechanism.

A look inside the control cabinet located in the operator's shelter.

This is control panel located in the operator's shelter.

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