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TX12 - Swingbridge

Created 26-April-2006.

Built in 1938 the TX12 is the oldest and the largest in the area. It also represents on of the earliest highway crossings in the area from Louisiana to Texas (It would have to be from LA to TX. Why would anyone want to leave Texas?). Spanning most of the width of the river it must have been a site to see it in operation. I don't know for certain, but I am sure it is no longer operational. I could not find any operator's shelter. There is building near the bridge, but it is owned by the USGS. The building probably sits near the location of the original operator's shelter, and could contain controls for the bridge.

Here are a couple of images to help gain an overall persective of the location of the swingbridge. Deweyville is to the southwest.

A look at the pivot column from the east bank. Click on the photo for a high resolution version composite taken from the west bank.

A sign posted on the bridge for boaters.

The dedication plaque. Note the year 1938. The plaque is located in the south form on the west end of the bridge.

This is what travelers see coming from Louisiana.

The practice of forming the year and river/stream/creek into the concrete is common throughout Louisiana. Again note the year.

This is south gate on the west (Louisiana) end. The gate is located behind the "1938" form in the previous photo.

This the form on the right side of the road. Looks like someone hit it.

This is the other gate on the west end. It is behind the for in the previous photo. You can see the damage better in this photo.

A look to the east along the north side of the bridge.

The north gate on the west end of the bridge.

A look east down the south side of the bridge.

Another look of the south side, but from the Louisiana side of the river.

A look of the south side of the west seam.

A view of the access ladders.

Looking at Louisiana.

Looking at the bridge from the Texas side.

The original marker for Texas visitors.

The new welcome sign.
The USGS survey marker located on the bridge.

Historical marker near the bridge.
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