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1604 North, the CW Anderson Loop

Last updated July 9, 2001

San Antonio's outer Loop is San Antonio's newest freeway. The first sections were completed in the 1980's, and work is slowly progressing to upgrade the roadway to a divided highway or freeway all the way around San Antonio. As of 2001, only the northern section is a freeway.

For comprehensive information about Loop 1604, see the 1604 page on San Antonio Freeways.

1604 north

Photos start at the west and proceed eastward

1604 north
(high resolution 146k) A. Driver's view looking eastward at the Bitters Road overpass. Notice the limestone sides on the underpass cut. Photo taken 7-July-2001.

1604 north
(high resolution 178k) B. Looking eastward from the Bitters Road overpass. Photo taken 7-July-2001.

1604 north
(high resolution 181k)
C. Looking eastward at another limestone underpass cut, just west of Blanco Road. Photo taken 7-July-2001.

1604 north
(high resolution 118k) D. Looking southeastward towards IH-35 (1 mile away). Photo taken 7-July-2001.

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