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SH-249 Freeway, the Tomball Parkway

Created and last updated 10-May-2002

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Photos start at the south and proceed northbound/outbound

All photos taken 1-May-2002

3 direct connectors at BW8/Sam Houston Tollway
This $27.4 million project is scheduled to be let in August 2002. The fourth and much-needed direct connector from 249 south to BW8 west is not being built at this time because of cost reasons. I was surprised to see that the EB BW8 to NB 249 connector goes underneath BW8.

Also note that a long stretch of northbound 249 will get 2 more lanes. (Section with new lanes extends well north of this view.)

249 Direct connectors
(click for high resolution, 621k)

New Frontage Road South of Tomball
Poor image quality due to cloudy weather in Houston

The end of the main lanes.

In the foreground are the remains of the old four-lane highway, currently being removed. On the far left and near right are the just-completed frontage roads. View looks north.

The abandoned old highway. The future main freeway lanes will be built in this spot. The frontage roads can be seen at the far edges. The freeway corridor width is 350 feet.

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