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SH190 (President George Bush Turnpike) and 161 Construction, September 2000

Last updated September 2000

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As of September 2000, there are 4 major construction projects underway on these facilities.
See the location map

  • 190 tollway main lanes between I-35E and Dallas North Tollway
  • 5-level stack at 190 and I-35E
  • Interchange at 161 and I-635
  • 161 tollway main lanes south of I-635

All photos taken Labor Day weekend, September 2000

190 Bush Turnpike   190 Bush Turnpike
Overpass construction just east of the Dallas North Tollway. The bridges are wide enough to accommodate 5 lanes in each direction, although the initial facility will have only 3 lanes in each direction.

190 Bush Turnpike   190 Bush Turnpike
Most of the 190 between I-35E and the Dallas North Tollway will be depressed below grade.

190-I35     190 Bush Turnpike
The 5-level stack at 190 and I-35E. Looking towards the northwest.

Looking towards the northeast.

Looking towards the east.

161-635     190 Bush Turnpike
View of the interchange at 161 and I-635. 190 (north of I-635) and 161 (south of I-635) are connected at this interchange. The piers in the foreground will support the ramp from 161 northbound to I-635 eastbound.

Looking towards the north. The piers on the right will support the 161 main lanes as they pass over I-635. The piers on the left will be the connector ramps from I-635.

161-635     190 Bush Turnpike
View of the 161 main lanes passing over the 114 freeway. 114 can be seen at the lower level. No connection ramps are planned for this interchange. (Connections will be made via the feeders.)

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