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Updated December 31, 2019. Please pardon our dust - we are under construction again and back to working on TexasFreeway.com.

Over the coming months, we will be reorganizing and rebuilding each section of TexasFreeway.com to make them easier to navigate, especially on mobile devices. During this reorganzing and rebuildng phase you will come across links which don't work and menu items for future additions. Thank you for visiting!

Preserving History

The information currently posted on TexasFreeway.com represents a mere fraction of the 15GB to 20GB of photos, maps, and other road and highway information we have collected. This collection represnts information from the early days of traveling across this great state to near present day.


You are more than welcome to submit information for posting on TexasFreeway.com. We will post the infomation as soon as possible depending on the subject or section we are working on. Please visit the Contributions page for more information before submitting information.


We hope you enjoy exploring TexasFreeway.com as much as I have had collecting and researching the history.